Terms and Conditions


Pre-consultations for first time clients is not necessary. If reassurance is required we will happily book you in.

If you have had your permanent makeup previously done by another artist, a consultation is required. We must ensure we have a workable canvas and in some cases the previous work may be too dark or too scarred to achieve optimal results.

Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to booking your appointment. By booking with us you understand and agree to all terms.

Terms and Conditions

All clients must be of good health. Please ensure you do not have any of the following conditions as deposits will not be refunded for contraindicated medical conditions.

Clients who may NOT be able to undergo permanent make up:

If you have any medical conditions which may impact your healing you must disclose it in the booking questionnaire. You may be contacted by thobrows@gmail.com and asked to obtain medical clearance and a note from your primary care physician.

Important notes:

A complimentary touch-up treatment is only honoured within 4-8 weeks of initial treatment and is your responsibility to book so your technician can book accordingly to the time needed.

New treatments is two sessions, one being the initial procedure and the second session is the touch-up due to evaluate ink retention and ensuring the eyebrow is full.

On the rare occasion a client may need an additional touch-up, due to the skin rejecting the pigment or improper aftercare and will be charged accordingly.

All Employees have the right to get paid for all work done whether satisfied or not

We cannot guarantee successful result on 100% of our clients as those with problem skin and do we not offer refunds as we have carried out the treatment at a cost to us.

Touch-up rates are for existing clients only.

Touch up appointments can not be rescheduled sooner than 30 days. You must allow your skin to heal before any additional work can be done. We withhold the right to not work on clients who have yet to properly heal.

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